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earnscraft are husband and wife team David and Ann Thorpe working from both Kirriemuir and Charleston Village in the county of Angus, which is about half way up the east coast (right hand side) of Scotland. We take our name from The Mearns, an area of land stretching from Stonehaven (just south of Aberdeen) down to Montrose, where we once had a needlecraft shop.  We brought out our first kit in 1993 and now produce a wide range of kits and charts, all, without exception, devoted to Scottish subjects.

  SCOTTISH MAPS:   We're probably best known for our highly detailed counted cross stitch maps of Scottish Islands, the Old Scottish Counties, and two of our Cities.  We find that these kits appeal to local people and exiled Scots alike.  For people living outwith Scotland, a stitched Mearnscraft map provides a beautiful link with their ancestral homeland and Scots heritage, and we are more than happy to answer queries from stitchers as to which of our maps is most appropriate for their family name.  The maps aren't only beautiful, they're also remarkably accurate - we always visit the relevant area before starting on a new design and will invariably visit and photograph the buildings shown on it.

To have a look at the maps, just follow the link to Maps and take it from there, or go to The Mearnscraft Map and choose your area.  We've written a little historical bit (and the occasional story) about each county, city or island as well so you might find it interesting even if you're not a great stitcher!

We're especially proud of our giant, 34 inch high cross-stitch map of Scotland itself. 36 colours, 40 buildings, 100+ rivers, Saltire, Thistle, and Lion Rampant - We really think you should have a look at it!
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SCOTLAND SAMPLER:    We initially designed this kit as a Scottish Millennium Sampler, but now that the Millenium celebrations are over we've included a number of alternative phrases for the centre Panel, eg "History of a Nation", "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit", and several others. We like to think of this design as a Celebration in Counted Threadwork of 1000 years of Scottish history.   Framed by the Thistles, Saltire and Lion Rampant of Scotland the sampler is divided into 10 sections, each of which represents a century and take us from the Celtic Church of the 11th century to Scotland's new Parliament of 1999. 
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SCOTTISH THEME KITS:  You'll find a variety of needlecraft kits under this heading - indeed, most of our kits can probably be described as Scottish theme.  For example, there's The Arbroath Declaration, Scotland's famous statement of independence, sealed at Arbroath Abbey in 1320: "For so long as a hundred of us remain alive, we will yield in no least way to English dominion. For we fight, not for glory nor for riches nor for honour, but only and alone for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life". We currently do two different Declaration kits, one for Aida and one for evenweave.

Our latest Scottish theme kit is the Lion Rampant, Scotland's royal flag. Other Scottish theme kits include the Prayer from Iona and kits of several historic Scottish buildings.

HAMISH HAGGIS:   He's funny, he's cute, and he's Scottish!  He's Hamish Haggis, and you can stitch him doing a lot of typically Scottish things.  Being a patriotic haggis, he likes waving the Scottish flag ("The Saltire") and you can see him doing that at the top of this page.   As you can see from the kit on the right he also likes playing the pipes, and if you go to Hamish's page you'll find him also playing golf, going fishing, and giving you a big haggisy Hello!   Also on Hamish's page you'll find Nessie, taking a short break from Loch Ness.
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e think that when you buy a kit, you'll want to start stitching it as soon as possible - you don't want to spend the first few hours sorting through a bundle of threads.  You want top quality material, and enough of it so that there's a generous border all the way round.  You want cotton/floss made by a top company and ideally you'd like it to be identified by the manufacturer's own number.  And you want clear, helpful charts.  We like to think that you get all that and more with Mearnscraft kits.  The fabric we use is always genuine Zweigart, and unless stated otherwise the kits (including all the maps) are stitched on 27-count ivory Linda evenweave.  Hamish Haggis kits use 14-count cream Aida.   We give plenty of material - the maps, for example, have no less than 3 inches spare on each side and at top and bottom.  Unless otherwise stated, all our kits are supplied with Anchor stranded embroidery cottons/floss, ready sorted on an organiser and identified by both a name and the manufacturer's number.  Our instructions are comprehensive and we pride ourselves on our particularly detailed charts, which include enlarged charts of buildings and crests.

IT or CHART?   In response to demand, we now sell many of our larger designs as Kits or as Chart Packs.  If you buy a kit you'll get all the charts and instructions plus material, sorted and organised Anchor threads (and some of our kits use over 30 shades) and a needle (usually gold plated). If you buy a chgartpack, you just get the charts, a copy of the Mearnscraft Stitch Guide, and a conversion chart in case you want to use DMC threads rather than Anchor.  Remember - if you buy the kit, you don't need a chartpack as well!


87 Charleston Village, Forfar, Angus, Scotland.

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